My Workout AI




Founder & CEO

Scott has built, accelerated, and led numerous global technology-centric businesses, including taking companies from first round funding to market impact and adoption, being appointed to multiple advisory boards for startups, and driving top-line growth having created over $6 billion in new revenue in his career. Living a life of health fitness first, Scott saw a deficiency in the market place for true, impactful personal training; yet needing to be at the fingertips of our busy schedules. An approach that truly focuses on each individual body and goals as he had the epiphany for My Workout AI


Founder & Head of Fitness

Jason has been a professional strength coach for 23 years and counting. With over 100,000 hours under his belt, he’s seen a thing or two that has allowed him to craft a different approach to workout programs. His clients know the different approach he brings that encompasses each individual body and their specific goals. Jason founded Alpha Athletics in 2001 and has seen 2 stints overseas working with professional athletes. In 2012 he trained and developed the Sichuan Blue Whales in Chengdu, China winning 2 championships in the NBL and ultimately receiving the invite to the top league, CBA. In 2019, he took the Jordanian National Basketball team to their second appearance at The World Cup winning their first game in country history on the world stage. Jason’s passion is in movement and quality of training. His attention to detail and constant hunger to become more innovative drives him to be the best he can day after day



Founded and grew a multimillion dollar nutraceutical business with a 9-figure exit in less than 10 years. Has been advising startups for 10+ years creating the next generation of successful Founders. Hilda has dedicated her life to advancing health and wellness throughout the world, and is excited for how MyWorkout.Ai provides a global platform to do so


CTO Advisor

Trevor brings over 20 years of experience leading system, product, and software development projects and organizations within Fortune 500 companies delivering mission critical solutions to aerospace and defense customers.  He has guided dozens of technical projects with the clear vision, robust plans, and execution rigor necessary to ensure satisfied objectives including functionality, user experience, quality, extensibility, security, cost, and schedule. Trevor is passionate about health and fitness and how MyWorkout.AI can help bring access to all, for better health.


John brings experience as a Board Member, Advisor and Executive, all resulting in positive outcomes for the organizations he served.  His decades of global and startup business experience across multiple sectors and functions allows him to see how choices create impact across an organization.  He is a strong believer in developing cultures of innovation, yet with discipline and focus to drive success. John’s timely advise and guidance to our Founder is a key to Scott’s success.
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